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There are a number of major transport schemes within Kent, which are in progress or in the pipeline over the coming months and years. These schemes play a vital role in unlocking the delivery of developments along key strategic corridors.


(Canterbury) Sturry Link Road

  • Involves the construction of a road that crosses both the railway and the Great Stour river.
  • Works are planned to commence in Spring 2025 and are expected to conclude in 2026.


(Dartford) Fastrack Bus Service Network – Rennie Drive

  • Improvement to the layout and traffic signals to allow Fastrack buses to turn left and right out of and into the junction, and a new southbound bus lane up to the Rennie Drive Fastrack roundabout.
  • Main construction works are expected to begin once Phases 2 and 3 are complete in late February 2024, with the works lasting approximately six months.


(Dover) Dover Fastrack

  • The creation of a new bus rapid transit system that will connect Whitfield, Dover town centre and Dover Priory Station, which will run along existing roads, new roads and dedicated busways.
  • Construction of the system is ongoing and is set to conclude in early 2024.


(Maidstone) A20 Ashford Road / Willington Street

  • Upgrade to the traffic signals at the junction to include a pedestrian crossing, the creation of a new give-way lane for turning left into Ashford Road from Willington Street and the creation of a new lane for turning left into Willington Street from Ashford Road.
  • Works for this project will commence after the completion of the A249 Bearsted Road project below.


(Maidstone) A249 Bearsted Road

  • Introduction of traffic signals and increased capacity at the KIMS Hospital roundabout and the A249 Notcutts roundabout, with widening of Bearsted Road to two lanes in each direction and relocation of the Notcutts Retail Village access road to Newnham Court Way.
  • The main construction work is split into the following three phases:
    • Phase 1 – Bearsted Road and Ware Street between KIMS Hospital Roundabout and Hockers Lane (4th March 2024 - May 2024)
    • Phase 2 – New Cut Road between KIMS Hospital Roundabout and Grovewood Drive North (June 2024 – July 2024), Bearsted Road between KIMS Hospital Roundabout and Newnham Court Roundabout (June 2024 – 2024)
    • Phase 3 – Bearsted Road between Newnham Court Roundabout and Eclipse Park (February 2025 - April 2025).


(Maidstone) Enlargement of A20 Coldharbour Roundabout

  • Involves the roundabout being enlarged with additional lanes on all approaches and removal of the existing traffic signals to a give-way control.
  • Works commenced on 12th February 2024 with an estimated completion date of December 2024.
  • Works will be carried out under off-peak lane closures and where required, night-time lane / road closures.


(Maidstone) A229 Loose Road junction with Armstrong Road / Park Way

  • Additional lane for southbound traffic turning right into Armstrong Road, an additional lane on the Park Way approach to provide separate lanes for straight ahead and left turning traffic, and the relocation of the pedestrian crossing on Loose Road to the southern side of the junction.
  • This work has now been completed, but signals will continue to be monitored to ensure timings are optimised.


(Maidstone) A229 Linton Crossroads

  • Increased capacity with the introduction of an additional lane on all approaches
  • The scheme is on hold while funding opportunities are explored.


(Maidstone) A229 Loose Road junction with Sheals Crescent

  • Changes to amend the southbound junction priorities at Sheal’s Crescent.
  • These works are on hold pending review of the impacts of the changes to the Armstrong Road junction.


(Maidstone) A229 Loose Road junction with Cripple Street / Boughton Lane

  • Increased capacity at the existing signal-controlled junction
  • KCC will not be proceeding with this scheme.


(Maidstone) A229 Wheatsheaf Junction

  • Reconfiguration of the A229 Loose Road and A274 Sutton Road signalised junction and the widening of approaches to the junction.
  • The formalised closure of Cranborne Avenue will conclude Phase 1, with Phase 2 currently being finalised.


(Swale) M2 Junction 5 (National Highways)

  • New flyover interchange for the A249 with two dedicated slip-roads for traffic turning left from the A249 southbound to the M2 westbound and the A249 northbound to the M2 eastbound, and a new approach to the interchange from Oad Street.
  • These works commenced in autumn 2021 and are expected to conclude in 2025.


(Swale) A249 Key Street Junction (National Highways)

  • Closure of the existing A249 southbound exit slip-road and the redirection of southbound traffic along Chestnut Street, an additional lane on the Chestnut Street approach, an additional left-turn lane on the Key Street approach and various capacity and safety improvements to the Keycol Hill approach.
  • These works are due to commence in late spring 2024 and complete in winter 2024.


(Swale) A249 Grovehurst Road Junction (National Highways)

  • New two-bridge flyover and the replacement of the current roundabouts with an additional bridge to create a loop over the A249.
  • These works commenced in August 2023 and are expected to be completed in winter 2024.


(Tunbridge Wells) B2160 Maidstone Road / Mascalls Road Paddock Wood Junction Improvements

  • Realignment of Badsell Road to change the current staggered priority junction into a signal-controlled crossroads with pedestrian crossing facilities.
  • Works are planned to commence in summer 2024 with an estimated completion period of Spring 2025. At this time, KCC, acting as the project provider, is awaiting Environment Agency acceptance of flood mitigation measures.


Further updates to major schemes being undertaken by KCC are provided on their Road Projects page at


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