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DHA's Graduate Programme

A Q&A with Alex Payne, Planner at DHA, following his success in DHA's graduate scheme

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England’s Planning System to be Transformed

In C3 Alliance's latest edition of "Collaborate", DHA's Patrick Reedman reviews the long-awaited “Planning for the Future” white paper and how this could fundamentally change the way that planning works in the future.

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Planning Update: Class ZA

Vacant industrial or office building? Here’s how to redevelop it for housing without needing a full planning permission…

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Changes to the current planning system

Further to the "Planning for the Future" White Paper and associated consultation, the Government has quietly launched a separate consultation on a series of more immediate changes to the planning system.

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The Planning White Paper: Radical reform or minor amendments?

The Government has issued its long-awaited and much trailed White Paper on reforming the planning system. It weighs in at 43 pages and so this article does not attempt to summarise the whole paper, but rather to pick out some of the more interesting ideas contained within in it.

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