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Monday 13th November marks Transport Planning Day, an opportunity to celebrate the best in transport planning, highlight its benefit to communities and chart a direction for the profession.


To mark the occasion, we have asked three of our Transport team members what Transport Planning means to them.


Paul Lulham,


"For me, transport planning is critical to tackling some of the biggest challenges facing the world today. If we are to achieve net zero carbon, tackle inequality, improve health and wellbeing and regenerate our towns and cities, we need a transport system that prioritises active and sustainable modes, encourages social interaction and fosters civic identity.


"It is exciting and motivating to play a part in that transition but we can only complete the journey with bold and consistent leadership from our national and local decision makers – the time is now!"


Holly Benwell,

Senior Transport Planner


"Transport Planning allows us to be at the forefront of change, ensuring that future developments and communities are suitably served by the transport system, as well as creating inclusive and healthy environments. The potential to influence and contribute to the implementation of these developments makes being a Transport Planner a rewarding career.


"Over the last five years as a Transport Planner, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of schemes, providing key planning advice to ensure cohesive developments at all levels." 


Adam Huckstepp,


"Prior to commencing my profession as a Transport Planner, I must confess that I did not understand the significance of Transport Planning and its contribution to the planning procedure. However, after becoming a part of DHA, I now understand that Transport Planners hold a pivotal position in the planning process and specifically the shaping of layout designs and guaranteeing that they are safe and appropriate for all individuals.


"Assisting in shaping the design and 'Vision' of a development can truly provide a gratifying sense of accomplishment, and witnessing the successful implementation of such developments brings an even greater sense of fulfilment."


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