A successful development depends upon a safe and efficient means of access that meets the needs of the end user, delivered in the most efficient way. 

Highway and Access Design

The Infrastructure team specialise in Highway Detailed Design for private sector developments and local infrastructure projects.  

These include:

  • Traffic signals
  • Roundabouts
  • Priority junctions

DHA are on Kent County Council's list of approved designers. 

Flood Risk Assessments and Drainage

The team have vast experience in creating drainage strategies for development in the residential, commerical and educations sectors. Our team of skilled engineers are adept at finding effective drainage solutions with the use of specialist drainage software and computer aided design packages.

Considering drainage earlier in a project can improve chances of achieving planning consent and avoid last minute changes and additional costs. 

Cut & Fill analysis

Using 3D modelling software, DHA can determine site levels and carry out cut and fill calculations, ensuring unnecessary amounts of material do not need to be imported or exported and therefore minimising the amount of construction labour. 


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