Our Environment team provide environmental consultancy services to deliver sustainable and viable solutions to planning and environmental problems. We have extensive experience of a full range of environmental and planning issues including on large scale development projects and Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects. We provide clients with pre-planning advice and feasibility studies to ensure proposals are environmentally sound.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 

DHA Environment is an EIA Quality Mark registrant of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). This means we have the quality of our EIA work and services independently reviewed and verified on an annual basis to maintain our Quality Mark status. We are therefore able to offer the following services and high-quality advice on EIA matters:  

  • General advice on EIA issues and feasibility studies;
  • Drafting and submitting screening requests to obtain a formal decision as to whether an EIA is required;
  • Drafting and submitting scoping requests to obtain formal agreement with relevant parties about the scope and content of an EIA;
  • Managing, collating and producing Environmental Statements to accompany planning applications;
  • Peer review of Environmental Statements;
  • Management of environmental input for EIA and non-EIA projects.           


Habitat Regulation Assessments

  • Information on whether your development will impact a designated European Site and requires a Habitat Regulation Assessment;
  • Outline proposals and advise on strategy to avoid or mitigate effects from a development on a European Site;
  • Advice on the HRA process and the implications on your development proposal;
  • Produce HRA Screening Reports and Appropriate Assessments to support planning applications.  


Renewable Energy

  • Submitting applications for renewable and low carbon energy generation proposals such as solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and anaerobic digesters.


Landscaping Architecture

  • Producing outline and detailed landscaping plans to accompany planning applications.
  • Undertaking Landscape and Visual Assessments to accompany planning applications and/or to form part of Environmental Impact Assessments.


Flood Risk Assessments

  • Producing Flood Risk Assessments and drainage strategies to accompany planning applications for many types of development. ​


Geographical Information Services

DHA offer a Geographical Information System (GIS) service that can provide a variety of maps to help visualise data, identify patterns and aid decision making.

Our GIS services are used in our professional reports in our Planning, Transport and Environmental teams for analysis and reporting purposes.

Environmental Impact Statements

  • Sensitive receptor plans visualising local environmental designations such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest, European sites, heritage assets and many more.
  • Cumulative site assessments.

Planning Reports

  • Strategic maps that include development constraints such as Green Belt, Flood Risk, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  • Display land ownership boundaries.

Transport Assessments

  • Walk/cycle/drive time analysis to demonstrate exact travel times from sites.
  • Transport isochrones that demonstrate services surrounding the site.
  • Plotting/visualising post code data to demonstrate location (e.g. plotting the location of employees, members etc.)

Some examples of recent GIS services we have provided include:

  • Pupil post code plot for a school in Chislehurst
  • Environment Agency Flood Mapping in Tunbridge Wells
  • Green waste source locations for a composting facility in Dartford

For further information on these services please contact Gabrielle Bussley, 01622 776226


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