Autumn 2011 Newsletter

2 new Academies, PPS7 House, 40,000sq ft of new industrial buildings in the countryside, 55 new homes, waste to energy


Double Swoop for Medway Academies - dha secure planning permission for Bishop of Rochester and Brompton Academies

dha Secure PPS7 House - dha secure planning permission for 7 bed, 12,000 sqft private dwelling in countryside

Transits Secure Long Term Future - dha secure permission for expansion of Staplehurst Transit depot

Claygate Expansion - dha secure permission for new 30,000 sq ft building

Last Orders - dha secure permission for 5 new homes at the Walnut Tree Eccles

Rochester Police Station - dha secure permission for 45 new homes at former police station

Abbey Farm, Leeds - dha secure permission for 3 new homes at former priory 

New Homes in Newdigate - dha transport provide transport advice for 12 new affordable homes

Understanding PTAL - dha provide advice on PTAL levels

Making the most of Waste - dha provide an overview of Anaerobic Digesters

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