dha win appeal on non-determination for PH conversion

DHA has won an appeal against the non-determination of an application to convert an existing public house in Pinner, Harrow, to form offices on the ground floor with a maisonette above.


Three months after submission of the application and with no decision on the horizon, dha advised our client to move matters forward through the submission of an appeal against non-determination.  With the appeal in motion, the Council resolved that it would have refused the application, primarily on the grounds of the loss of the public house use, as well as impacts on the heritage of this locally listed building.

DHA successfully argued the first of these points using the 2010 Use Classes Order to demonstrate that despite the Council’s planning policies restricting the loss of public houses; it's use could be changed to any A1, A2 or A3 use without the need for a planning application.  It was also demonstrated that the public house made no positive contribution to the community and its loss would not be detrimental to the supply of public houses in this locality. 

The issue of heritage was also addressed through an assessment of the features considered to contribute to the heritage of the locally listed building, with an objective analysis of the proposed works concluding that the proposal would have no detrimental impact.

The Inspector’s decision echoed all of the points raised within DHA’s evidence and the appeal was upheld.

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