dha secure another PPS7 consent

DHA acted as planning consultants for a PPS7 house proposal near Leeds, Kent. The scheme comprises a 10 bedroom house complete with parking, estate manager’s accommodation and landscaping. The application was formulated over a number of years and takes a holistic approach to the land at Caring Wood.


The scheme proposes a carbon neutral estate, with the planting of 10,000 new trees, and reaches Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6, as well as including Passivhaus techniques. The design reflects traditional Kentish forms reinterpreted in modern ways, and draws strong reference from the language of square Oasts.

The scheme represents the second PPS7 house where DHA have secured the support of the Case Officer and gained a positive outcome.

For more information please contact Matthew Woodhead.

For more information call 01622 776226 or email:

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