Long-Awaited Environment Act Passes into UK Law

The Environment Bill has finally become the Environment Act after UK Government officially gives Royal Assent to the legislation

After several rounds of ‘ping-pong’ the Environment Bill has now become the Environment Act after receiving Royal Assent yesterday evening, two years after the draft of the bill was presented in Parliament.

The aim of the Environment Act is to provide legally binding targets to improve air quality, biodiversity, water, and waste reduction and resource efficiency which will help protect and enhance the environment and tackle climate change.
Whilst the full version of the Act is yet to be published, the key point for planning is the need to provide a minimum 10% net gain in biodiversity on developments - which also applies to nationally significant infrastructure projects.

Importantly, the proposed 50m buffer zone for Ancient Woodland has not made it into the act although the Government intends to ensure the protection of Ancient Woodland is fully enforced, including a review of the wording of the NPPF at some stage.
A full review of the Environment Act will be undertaken once it is published, but for more information please contact David Harvey.

For more information call 01622776226 or email:

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