New Offices for National Charity

dha secure planning permission for new 5,000 sq ft extension to Charity HQ


dha planning secured planning permission on behalf of Gallagher Properties and MCCH Society Ltd for an extension to the Hermitage Court Business Centre, a converted farm complex in open countryside between Maidstone and Aylesford. 

MCCH, a charitable organisation providing employment for people with disabilities, occupy their existing headquarters building at Hermitage Court. The scheme involved the development of a new 497 sq m building on open land adjacent to the existing complex, to accommodate their “tuck by truck” and café social enterprises, providing a safe and sheltered environment for disabled people to work and train.

As the MCCH building is to be provided on a subsidised basis and a further 465 sq m office building was proposed as enabling development.  dha demonstrated that the proposal would deliver important social and economic benefits without causing harm to the objectives of national economic policy in PPS4. The design of the building was shown to be appropriate in its rural setting and would not harm the countryside or the function of the Strategic Gap between Maidstone and Aylesford. Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council agreed, and granted planning permission under delegated powers.

For more information please contact Jonathan Buckwell.

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