Draft Wealden Local Plan

New draft Wealden Local Plan published for consultation later in 2018.

Committee papers have been published which include the first full draft of the new Wealden Local Plan. Subject to committee approval, public consultation is planned to take place between August and October 2018. The draft Plan aims to meet the identified need for 14,228 homes between 2013 and 2028 (950 houses per year).

Growth is focused on larger towns in the southern part of the district, particularly Hailsham, but development is also proposed in towns and villages in northern areas, including Crowborough and Uckfield.

Development in Wealden district has, in recent years, been held back as a result of concerns about air quality impacts on the Ashdown Forest. A report to next week’s Local Plan Sub-Committee states that mitigation measures, including a Low Emission Strategy, have been developed which will allow development to meet the identified housing needs of 950 dwellings per annum, but will not allow growth beyond this within the plan period. Development affecting sensitive areas, including the Ashdown Forest, will be required to pay a financial contribution towards air quality mitigation measures. We understand that this tariff has not yet been set, and so current planning applications affected by this issue are still not being determined at this time.

Development boundaries have been reviewed for all main towns and villages, within which development will be considered sustainable. The boundaries allow for the growth of most main settlements, but in some cases also exclude significant areas of existing built development (for example, Crowborough Warren). Only limited development will be allowed in smaller villages, with new housing required to be located in or adjacent to defined Core Areas – in many cases, this again seems to exclude significant areas of existing development.

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