Class Q – Agricultural to Residential Conversions – Updates April 2018

The regulations contained within Part 3, Class Q of the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO), which allow for the conversion of agricultural buildings to residential use, have recently been updated.

The updates would appear to provide further opportunities for landowners, who may already have undertaken development under Class Q, to achieve further residential conversions on their site, subject of course to meeting the requirements of the updated legislation.

Previously, Class Q provided landowners with agricultural barns the ability to convert these to a maximum of 3no. dwellings with a combined floorspace not exceeding 450sqm.

However, the updates, released on the 6 April 2018, introduce a new concept of ‘larger’ and ‘smaller’ dwellinghouses.  Effectively, the regulations now allow for the conversion of an agricultural building or buildings, to provide a maximum of 3no. larger dwellinghouses with a combined floorspace not exceeding 465sqm.  Alternatively, the regulations allow for the creation of up to 5no. smaller dwellings, with each smaller dwellinghouse being no larger than 100sqm.

The regulations also allow for a mix of larger and smaller dwellinghouses providing that the number of ‘larger dwellinghouses’ does not exceed three or cumulative floorspace does not exceed 465sqm; and/or the total number of dwellinghouese does not exceed five.

Therefore, the updated regulations provide a potential maximum residential floorspace allowance of 865sqm (i.e. 1no. larger dwellinghouse of 465sqm and 4no. smaller dwellinghouses of 100sqm each).  However, landowners that may have already undertaken development permitted by Class Q, could potentially have extended rights for further conversions.

DHA would be delighted to discuss the updated regulations with existing and potential clients to help achieve and unlock the further potential residential conversions provided by the Class Q update of April 2018.

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