Ashdown Forest Development

Mid Sussex District Council yesterday released guidance on their interim approach to assessing planning applications for potential impact on the Ashdown Forest Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

This is not as restrictive as the current approach exercised by Wealden District Council, nevertheless this still has implications on development sites that are moving through the planning system.

In essence, any development that is not allocated in a Neighbourhood Plan or the District Local Plan, or is included within the acknowledged windfall allowance, would be subject to further scrutiny regarding the increase in development traffic movements through the Ashford Forest.  

The impetus is on the developer to demonstrate the vehicle traffic that would travel through the forest, including in-combination effects. It is recommended that any development enjoying Neighbourhood Plan or District Local Plan allocations is screened with Mid Sussex DC at the outset.

For further advice on this issue please contact Jason Lewis or Jonathan Buckwell. 

For more information call 01622 776226 or email:

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