Light Industrial Buildings to Dwellings

Statutory Instrument 332 came into force on the 6th April 2016, which provided a number of updates on the General Permitted Development Order 2015 and introduces new powers which allow for the change of use of light industrial (Class B1(c)) buildings to dwellings.

Qualifying criteria include that buildings will need to be 500sqm or less in size and have been in sole use for light industrial purposes as of 19 March 2014 (or when last in use). Local authorities will then have the ability to assess transport and highways impacts, contamination and flood risk. In addition, if schemes are within areas considered important for the provision of industrial services then local authorities will be able to consider whether the change of use would be detrimental to the sustainability of the industrial services within that area.

Although it will not be possible to make the requisite prior notification application to local authorities until 1 October 2017, DHA are encouraging clients that have potential projects in mind to begin making the necessary preparation as the decisions to allow the change of use will last for a temporary period of three years (prior notification decisions falling on or after the 1 October 2020 will not be permitted).

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