How far would you walk?

Simon Moon, Associate Director, presented his research paper at the Annual Transport Practitioners Meeting.

The paper considers what is an acceptable walking distance to a local service or facility. The paper presents research into walking distances and tries to provide some clarity as to what has historically been a ‘grey area’ in transport planning and policy making.

The paper concludes that in many cases people are prepared to walk further to local facilities than that indicated by current guidance and standards. It also notes that as a number of aspects affect people’s views and perceptions of walking policy, decision makers should review every proposed development site individually before concluding whether the requirements for accessibility have been met. This has ramifications with respect to what potential development sites are (or are not) sustainable in terms of transport planning and therefore which locations now have the opportunity to aid the notable demand for housing. 

If you'd like further information into either of these studies please contact Simon Moon, 01622 776226.

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