How can social media influence travel behaviour?

This week, two members of the DHA Transport team are presenting at the 14th annual Transport Practitioners Meeting (TPM). The event is the largest meeting for transport planners across the UK with this year’s two-day conference being held in Nottingham.

On Wednesday (29th June), Joely Hill, Transport Planner, will be presenting her research paper which looks at the potential social media has to influence people's travel behaviour. Her research set out to investigate if social networking sites could impact travel behaviour and whether they could be used to successfully implement Travel Plan measures.

It found that 52% of the UK population uses social media, the highest proportion across the world and following travel surveys at two new residential developments in London, 36% of respondents stated that provision of travel information via social media influences their travel choice, with 67% reporting that they would be interested in using social media to get travel-related information in the future.

With this in mind, the research found that social media can play a key role in developments keeping residents informed and up to date at the click of a button. Not only that, but it can provide a forum for residents to discuss information relating to the development and allow a two-way conversation between site users and Travel Plan Co-ordinators.

For furthe rinformation about this study please contact Joely Hill, 01622 776226.

For more information call 01622 776226 or email:

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