The place to be in the AONB

dha have secured a permission for 3 large detached dwellings outside of the built confines and in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Battle, East Sussex.


dha planning and urban design combined to undertake a redevelopment of a former nursing home site. The site had become unviable for the specialist nursing home operation and was forced to close some years ago. A full marketing exercise was undertaken to find other interested operators for the site but to no avail. dha planning undertook a Viability Assessment looking at the financial viability of alternative uses for the site which concluded that 3 residential units was the only realistic option for the site.

dha urban design undertook the drawings associated with the application to form over 6,500 sq ft of accomodation. The application was especially sensitive and against policy as the site lies within the AONB and is outside the built confines of Whatlington where there is a policy constraint on new housing.  Members at the planning committee considered that all options had been explored and recognised that there was considerable neighbour support for the application. The application was considered as an exception to policy and was granted permission.  


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