Room with a View

Canterbury City Council have given the go ahead for a luxurious roof-top restaurant in the city centre.


The grade-two listed Georgian building, formally known as Slatters Hotel and Ha Ha Bar, is situated within the conservation area of the Canterbury City Walls. The new permission allows the building to be renovated to provide ground floor commercial units fronting the history St Margaret’s Street, a 130 bedroom hotel and a roof-top restaurant as part of the Hilton Hotels group.

Boasting of a unique experience unlike anything else available in Canterbury, diners will be able to enjoy un-restricted views towards the cathedral within an enclosed environment, or choose to dine and relax on an external terrace.

DHA secured the permission working with Guy Hollaway architects and Slatters Developments. Eleven members voted in favour of the development and one against. 

For more information please contact Matthew Woodhead.

For more information call 01622 776226 or email:

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