Secured Consent for 9 Affordable Houses

dha planning have secured planning consent for 9 affordable houses on behalf of Ashford Borough Council's Housing Department


The application site comprised a redundant piece of open land within the Council's ownership, which although was used as play space on an informal basis, was not formally designated for this use within the development plan.   

In consultation with the Planning Department, changes to the scheme were made to retain and enhance an area of the site as open play space.  New house types were also developed and included within the amended scheme in response to the Borough's changing housing need for the area.  This included a bespoke, fully wheelchair accessible dwelling to meet the specific needs of an identified end-user on the Council's waiting list. The scheme also allowed for the diversion of an existing Public Right of Way that runs through the site, to provide a suitable alternative route with adequate levels of direct and indirect surveillance in accordance with Secured by Design. 

For more information please contact Matthew Blythin.

For more information call 01622 776226 or email:

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