New Village Shop for Coxheath

dha successfully secured full planning permission for the demolition of an existing retail store and pub in the village of Coxheath, and the erection of 2 No. buildings, comprising a larger frontage block accommodating a retail store, pub and 8 No. flats, and a smaller L shaped building accommodating 2 No. further flats.


A contemporary, flat roofed approach is provided to the larger block. Sedum (green) roofs are also incorporated within the design. In terms of scale, the proposed flat roofed building extends no higher than the adjacent two storey pitched roof buildings.This main block takes reference from art deco styling to mark out the building and to clearly reflect its mixed use.

Delivery vehicles for Londis will be able to be accommodated within the proposed rear courtyard, accessed via Stockett Lane. The proposed car parking ensures provision for users of the pub and larger Londis store as well as for new residents. The level of parking proposed (1 space per flat) was accepted by Kent Highways Services.

For more information call 01622 776226 or email:

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