dha NPPF Summary

The Government have announced the long awaited National Planning Policy Framework, which comes into immediate effect.

DHA Planning have reviewed the NPPF to identify some of the key changes to national planning policy:
Presumption in favour of Sustainable Development - As expected, the NPPF introduces a clear presumption in favour of sustainable development, but there is still no clear definition. References are made to definitions elsewhere, but paragraph 6 confirms that the policies of the NPPF constitute the Government’s definition of what sustainable development means for the planning system. The controversial “default answer is yes” line from the previous draft has been removed.
Housing Supply - Councils now need to produce a schedule of specific deliverable sites that meet 5 years’ worth of housing with an additional 5% buffer to ensure choice and competition in the market for land. Where there has been a record of ‘persistent under delivery’, a 20% buffer should be provided.
Greenbelt Development - The definition of development not deemed to be inappropriate has now been expanded to include limited extensions to any building (this previously only referred to dwellings), the replacement of buildings where not materially larger than the existing and in the same use (this provision also previously only related to dwellings).

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