Newnham Court Shopping Village

dha have secured detailed planning permission for the erection of a new storage and office building at Newnham Court Shopping Village The building measures 20 metres in length by 20 metres in width with an asymmetric pitched roof over 7.6 metres to the ridge and 5.2m and 4.2m high respectively to the eaves.

Key facts
  • 361 sqm building of storage space
  • Reduce traffice movement
  • Safeguard employment opportunities in the area

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The building will provide 361 sq m (3885 sq ft) of storage space and 157 sq m (1690 sq ft) of office space at first floor level on a mezzanine.

The proposal was the subject of lengthy discussions with Maidstone Borough Council. The development was considered by the Council to be a departure from the Development Plan. However we were able to convince the Council that the development would help safeguard employment opportunities in a sustainable location close to the built-up boundary of Maidstone. We also successfully argued that the development would help reduce traffic movements by providing the storage and office facilities on this long established retail and business site and would cause no harm to the designated Special Landscape Area.

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