Local Plan Promotion

In March 2012, the Government published the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which introduced the need for Local Planning Authorities to plan for their full ‘objectively assessed’ development needs.

In the intervening years, most authorities have commissioned evidence to investigate their housing and employment requirements, which, in the majority of cases, has identified a need to increase the levels of homes and jobs beyond those previously being planned for.

This evidence will continue to evolve and will be used to inform Local Plan reviews.  However, even with the significant environmental constraints that affect boroughs nationwide, most authorities are facing a need to release Greenfield land for development.  Consequently, these changes to national policy and the plan making system represents the most significant opportunity to promote land in and around these boroughs for over thirty years.

In light of the above-mentioned context, there are a number of ways that DHA Planning can assist landowners and developers to identify and promote land via the Local Plan review process.  These include:

  • Development Appraisals
  • Strategic land searches
  • ‘Call for sites’ submissions
  • High level masterplanning and sustainability plans
  • Formal responses to Local Plan consultations
  • Representation at Local Plan Examinations


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