National Affordable Housing Programme

As well as being a Sustainable Communities Programme Growth Point, Ashford in Kent has a vigorous local authority Housing Services Department who in 2008 and 2009 have presented the HCA (Homes and Communities Agency) with bids for new Council house building funded under the National Affordable Housing Programme 2008 – 2011.

Key facts
  • Identifying development sites
  • Affordable Housing for Ashford

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DHA Planning have searched through the Council, HRA and general fund land assets for development opportunity sites as part of a separate efficiency exercise.

Detailed site feasibilities, consultations and the securing of planning permissions for the sites to be included in the bids; 24 in year 1, 54 in year 2, were carried out on behalf of the client. Releasing additional value through the asset study work is being explored further by the client, but a flow of social housing sites is now available for continued work. The Authority have also taken steps to further increase their construction related skills.

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