Kent Police

DHA have worked with Kent Police for over 8 years on matters relating to maximising and capitalising on their property portfolio, as well as the provision of new operational facilities and infrastructure for the Police service.

Key facts
  • Permission for new headquarters
  • Maximising property portfolio
  • Extensions of properties
  • Redevelopment of sites

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Projects have ranged from extensions to and the provision of, 1 or 2 house schemes to the redevelopment of sites such as Gravesend Police Station with 89 residential units and commercial use on the ground floor of the site in central Gravesend.  

DHA were involved in obtaining planning permission for the new Area Headquarters at Chatham Maritime and also in gaining outline planning permission for the new North Kent Area Headquarters at Thamesway, Northfleet.

DHA have provided advice in respect of matters relating to developer contributions and have assisted Kent Police with development and rolling out of the association of chief police officers' development contributions formula.

Work is ongoing on a number of matters and it is expected that there will be some work going forward in respect of designing out crime as part of the Kent Design Initiative.

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