Ashford Town Centre Car Park

Outline permission has been granted by Ashford Borough Council to bring forward a future-proofed car park for 500 cars as part of the wider Town Centre Masterplan.

Key facts
  • Accommodating 500 cars
  • 120 electric vehicle charging points

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New car parks can play an invaluable role in the wider redevelopment of town centres by delivering critical pieces of infrastructure.

In a forward-thinking move, the plans include 120 electric vehicle charging points – and proposals include the ducting to enable more points in the future, as demand requires. The car park also incorporates 24 disabled places and is designed to Park Mark standards.

The plans also include the adoption of solar PV on the roof of the five-storey building. The final design of the car park will now be dealt with under Reserved Matters, once a contractor for the sheme has been selected.

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