London Golf Club Sevenoaks

DHA Planning has secured planning permission for a 130 bedroom hotel on a greenfield site at the London Golf Club. The development includes associated spa, gym, swimming pool, restaurants, conferencing facilities, banqueting and 20 staff bedrooms. The total floorspace of the development is 18,306 sq m.

Key facts
  • 130 bedroom Hotel
  • Associate facilities including: spa, gym, pool and restaurants
  • Greenfield site
  • Significant economic benefits

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The site is located within the Green Belt and supporting Planning and Very Special Circumstances Statements were submitted to demonstrate that the usual policy presumption against development in the Green Belt should be overridden.

The development will generate exceptional economic benefits at a local and regional level as well as community benefits. These benefits were seen as overriding by the Local Planning Authority. There was also a significant amount of support for the proposal from bodies such as Tourism South East.

The development will enable the London Golf Club to be placed on the international golfing stage as a named global event venue and to bid for the highest echelons of golfing tournaments. An on-site hotel is an essential pre-requisite to the London Golf Club becoming one of the premier golfing venues within England and Europe.

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