Palm Paper Gas Turbine

DHA has been working with Palm Paper over the past 10 years to develop its 52-hectare site in Kings Lyn, Norfolk, into Europe's largest Paper Recycling facility.

Key facts
  • Nationally Significant Infrastructure project
  • 50th Development Consent Order since 2008
  • Reduce paper mills reliance on imported energy

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Due to the increasing amount of energy used in the manufacturing process, Palm Paper decided to secure their own supply with the construction of a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT).

DHA obtained planning permission in 2007 for the Palm Paper mill which is home to one of the most advanced paper machines in the world, capable of producing up to 500,000 tonnes of newsprint each year from entirely recycled paper. 

The new 162 Megawatt CCGT plant will reduce Palm Paper's reliance on imported energy by allowing them the use natural gas to produce their own electricity and steam for use within the paper recycling process. 

Due to the capacity of the CCGT plant, it is considered to be a Nationally Significant Infrastructure project and DHA took the lead role in managing and submitting the application to the Planning Inspectorate for the Development Consent Order which comprised extensive pre-application consultation with statutory and local bodies, post submission responses to Inspector questions and public hearings.

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