Case Studies

Lightoaks, Ingatestone

dha has secured planning permission at appeal for the demolition of existing outbuildings and the erection of a new larger scale garage, workshop and storage building within the Green Belt. The footprint of the proposed building is 30% greater than the existing buildings and the overall floorspace increase is 47%.

dha successfully argued that the proposal is ‘appropriate development’ as defined by PPG2, does not cause harm to the openness of the Green Belt, and is of an appropriate scale contrary to the Council’s reasons for refusal.

The Inspector determined that given the size of the plot, the outbuilding proposed is of a reasonable size required for garaging, storage and maintenance uses. Whilst determining that some loss of openness of the Green Belt would occur, the Inspector concluded that the proposed building would be proportionate in relation to the overall site and would not cause harm to the Green Belt.

For more information please contact David Hicken.

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