Environmental Impact Assessments

Sustainable Homes

dha environment have a qualified in-house Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor who can advise on the implications of the Code for a particular scheme.

The Code for Sustainable Homes measures the environmental performance of new homes against nine categories of sustainable design before awarding it a rating of between one and six stars. From the 1st of May 2008 it became mandatory for all new build dwellings to be assessed under the Code for Sustainable Homes. The Government has committed to ensuring that by 2016 all new homes built in England will be of 'Zero Carbon' design, which is the equivalent of Level 6 of the Code.

Many Local Authorities have now also specified minimum acceptable Code levels for new dwellings, which they control by requiring sustainability appraisals to accompany planning applications and through the subsequent use of conditions attached to planning permissions.

The commitment by a developer to incorporate exemplary sustainable forms of design into a dwelling or scheme can help improve the chance of successfully securing planning permission for developments on difficult, isolated or rural sites. However, there are also a growing number of appeal decisions where Code levels imposed on a planning permission have been successfully challenged and removed or relaxed where the level required is argued to be unachievable or unviable.

dha environment have a fully qualified Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor who can provide advice on:

  • The cost and implications of complying with different levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes.
  • Local Council requirements for Code compliance.
  • The prospects of appealing a condition requiring compliance with the Code.

We produce reports to accompany planning applications which identify and justify the level of sustainability which can be achieved by a scheme, how this level could be achieved and what prospects exist for achieving an improved score, where applicable. 

For more information please contact David Harvey.