Industrial Scale Anaerobic Digestion

DHA are working with a major national paper recycling company on an industrial scale anaerobic digestion facility. 

Key facts
  • Source of electricity for the paper mill
  • Reduce by-products of the recycling system
  • Environmental Statement required

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Solids within the waste material arising from the paper recycling process are removed within a primary effluent plant located on the site, before the remaining waste water is treated through an aerobic activated sludge system to ensure that it reaches the required standard prior to being discharged into a nearby river.
The anaerobic digestion facility will replace the aerobic system currently used. The anaerobic system itself uses less electricity than the current process and the biogas produced will provide a source of electricity for use within the paper mill or for export to the grid. In addition the shift from an aerobic to anaerobic system of treatment will reduce sludges produced as a by-product of the system, together with the amount of vehicle movements required to remove these waste sludges from the site. 
DHA have prepared and managed the submission on behalf of the client, including writing and incorporating the input of other technical consultants into the Environmental Statement and preparing and submitting the planning application.

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