Meopham Secondary School

Working with Kier Construction and KSS Design Group, DHA has recently secured planning approval for the redevelopment of a secondary school in Meopham, Kent.

Key facts
  • Green belt
  • Redevelopment of the secondary school
  • Decision under delegated powers

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The development of the school, which is located in the green belt, was complicated further, due to the number of land uses located on the site as a whole: a preschool nursery, a doctors surgery and a leisure centre. 

Whilst taking into consideration the requirements of the Education Funding Agency (EFA) DHA Planning and DHA Transport satisfactorily demonstrated that the impacts of the proposals would be minimal and in line with policy at both local and national level. 

Through detailed pre-application negotiations DHA prepared a strategy which allowed the proposals to be decided under delegated powers, saving the final client both time and money.

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