Agricultural to Residential Conversions

DHA have worked on various projects involving prior notification and change of use applications for agricultural to residential conversions. Some examples of recent work are outlined below.

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Maplehurst Farm

Permission was granted for the change of use of an agricultural building at Maplehurst Farm near Staplehurst to a single dwelling. The building was previously used for general agricultural storage. 

Proposed changes to the external appearance of the building (pictured above) were minor and alterations within limits of the order and there wasnt an impact deemed on the surrounding countryside. 

Highfield Farm 

DHA secured the change of use and conversion of two agricultural buildings to provide three residential dwellings.  The first building was an old agricultural ‘bungalow’ which was originally constructed as a dwelling in the 1970’s but never completed.  Falling into disrepair DHA secured the change of use and conversion of the building to provide a single residential unit.  DHA also secured the change of use and conversion of a barn on the site to provide two residential dwellings. 

Rosemead Nursery 

Having already failed to secure a change of use and conversion of a barn at Rosemead Nursery, DHA Planning were approached by the landowner to provide assistance and guidance for the conversion of their redundant hay barn.  DHA prepared an amended application on behalf of the landowner and was successful in securing the conversion of the hay barn to provide two dwellings.

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