Our Environment

At DHA we recognise that our operations, activities and services can have an impact on the environment. 

DHA regards the promotion of an environmental strategy as a key element in operating a successful business and appreciates that it has a responsibility to work together with internal and external stakeholders to deliver continual improvements in environmental performance.

Our business approach is sensitive to the environment in order to reduce waste, prevent pollution and reduce our carbon footprint.

In order to achieve this we are committed to managing our environmental impacts through the adoption of objectives and complementary targets:

  • Encourage the efficient use of natural resources including water, materials and recycled products.
  • Reduce our waste streams through the adoption of a recycling policy.
  • Manage our environmental risks with regard to suppliers and contractors.
  • Implement a successful Green Travel policy.
  • Providing adequate resources to enable environmental objectives to be developed and delivered.
  • Continual improvement of our environmental performance by way of relevant objectives and targets.
  • Monitoring the use of utilities and identifying reductions.
  • Reducing energy consumption and, where not practicable, optimising energy efficiency.
  • Reducing paper consumption.
  • Reducing waste generation and in particular, the amount of waste sent to landfill.
  • Using environmentally responsible suppliers and products.
  • Complying with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.